Cast Leaders

Sylvia, Director

Year joined: 2009

Role(s) played: Janet, Columbia, Frank, Rocky, Magenta, Brad

Favorite callback line: “You came here…on a PORPOISE!”

Best Rocky Horror memory: Pretending to slap a police officer in a preshow when an actual police officer walked into the theater.

Favorite food: Pierogi and tacos. Not together, but if someone created some kind of pierogi-taco, I’d probably be into it.

My first time: Halloweekend at the Academy of Music in 2009. I was confused, and mesmerized.

Why I joined: It was 2am. There was glitter. I’m easily persuaded.

Fun fact: I speak some Yiddish.

Matt, Stage Manager

Year joined: 2016

Role(s) played: Brad, Riff-Raff, Columbia, Tech

Favorite callback line: “Hey, Frank. What’s it feel like when you’re outside in the rain?”

Best Rocky Horror memory: Every time we bring on a new, enthusiastic cast member! Join us!

Favorite food: Berries Bostwick

My first time: When the emcee said “put your hand here!” I ran up with, who I later found out were cast members, and put my hand there. I knew I was all in at that point.

Amanda, Producer

Year joined: 2003! I helped create this beast.

Role(s) played: All of them

Favorite callback line: “What’s a Magenter?” “Magenter. Noun. One who Magents.”

Best Rocky Horror memory: Being proposed to on stage in 2004…it was beautiful and touching…and then the emcee yelled “and now we have porn!” and the moment was broken.

Favorite food: All of them…and cake

My first time: I still haven’t officially! But my first time at a show, it was just a screening, and myself and a bunch of random people in costumes just jumped up and started shadowcasting.

Tammy, Lead Trainer

Year joined: 2011

Role(s) played: Magenta, Frank, Eddie, Dr. Scott, Riff-Raff, Trixie

Favorite callback line: “What do Irish bees make?” “Oh, honey!”

Best Rocky Horror memory: Singing “Once in a While” with Barry Bostwick and Patricia Quinn.

Favorite food: Pasta with sauce, pizza, souls of virgins

My first time: My first live show was with the Come Again Players. I came with two friends, and decided I wanted more of this fun.

Fun fact: I can hit the high note in “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Cast Members


Year joined: Joined in 2008 (I think), migrated to Repo!, and returned in 2017

Role(s) played: Riff-Raff, Props, Lights

Favorite callback line: “Dark refrain, darling dark refrain!”

Best Rocky Horror memory: At my second Wicked Faire, we had to use the venue’s lighting guy. Luckily he had seen the show many before. Instead of giving him a long list of what to light when and how… my directions to him were simply: “have fun” And he did. And we did. And someone tried to make out with me during the show. It was a good night.

Favorite food: I hope it has cheese in it.

My first time: I don’t actually remember the first time I saw the movie… because I didn’t actually see the movie. All I could see was this fabulous head of curly hair in front of me. I had just driven 12 hours, and was falling asleep on a couch while everyone watched it on TV. In my delirious state, I didn’t even know what they were saying was “AP” (Audience Participation).

Why I joined: The Rocky Horror community is one of extreme acceptance and understanding. My first cast was the first place I’d ever seen such extreme bonding amongst random people. Nobody cared where you were on the LGBTQIA spectrum, and everybody was there for everyone else in the group.

Fun fact: Ever since I was a little boy dressing up has always been my greatest joy. But when it’s time to be discreet, there’s one thing you just can’t beat: and that’s a strapless backless classical little black dress.


Year joined: 2017

Role(s) played: Janet, Columbia, Tech

Favorite callback line: Frank: One from the vaults. [A greaser from the freezer] [A bat out of hell]

Best Rocky Horror memory: My first show playing Janet

Favorite food: Pizza or anything sweet or pumpkin

Why I joined: I joined the cast because I needed a reason to get out of the house and wanted to meet new friends!!and I love the movie because the music is great!!

Fun fact: I fell into a fire pit at 13.


Year joined:

Role(s) played:
Tech, Church steeple, Pommel horse

Favorite callback line: Group sex! Group sex! Group sex! Group sex!

Best Rocky Horror memory:
Going to see a movie we didn’t know anything about, simply because it had the word “horror” in the title. Walking into a theater where 50 other patrons were all staring and snickering at us in our street clothes while we were staring and snickering back at them in their “outrageous” costumes. Being hooked for life when 50 umbrellas popped open around us WHILE WE WERE GETTING DRENCHED!!! Finally catching on that it wasn’t going to be a “blood and guts horror movie” when Frank-N-Furter revealed himself to be a transvestite.

Favorite food: Wendy’s and KFC

My first time: Technically, still a virgin. Never gone “all the way.”

Fun fact:
Don’t believe in premarital sex. Never been married.


Year joined: 2018

Role(s) played: Rocky, Tech

Favorite callback line: “What’s your favorite Grateful Dead album?”

Best Rocky Horror memory:
The first time my best friend showed me Rocky Horror – life changing.

Favorite food: Sushi

My first time:
Participating in a pelvic thrust competition with other fellow Rocky Horror virgins (at a live show, of course).

Why I joined: To meet new people & give myself over to absolute pleasure.

Fun fact: I’m a visual artist!


Year joined: 2018

Role(s) played: Janet, Criminologist

Favorite callback line: “Rocky!” “Bullwinkle!”

Best Rocky Horror memory: Getting bitch-slapped by Frank then falling down the stairs

Favorite food: Apple pie

My first time: My first live show required me to wear red lipstick on my forehead and dance like a fool on stage in front of the audience. I loved every second of it.

Why I joined: My mother was a theatre major and introduced me to Rocky Horror at a very young age. I’ve always been fascinated by the costumes, music, and of course, Tim Curry. Being a theatric myself, the CAP accepted me with welcome arms, innuendos, and glitter.

Fun fact: I’m ambidextrous.


Year joined: 2016

Role(s) played: Criminologist, Magenta, Trixie

Favorite callback line: “Well you got caught with a flat, well – HOW ‘BOUT THIS – How ’bout that? – I ASKED YOU FIRST! “

Favorite food: Chinese

My first time: First time I saw a shadow cast, the cast agreed to let me take pictures to use for a photography project.

Why I joined: Because I always wanted to and finally have time in my schedule to join!

Fun fact: I can snap-crackle-pop every joint in my body. Additional fun fact: I’m related to a semi-famous actor.


Year joined: 2018

Role(s) played: Eddie, Dr. Scott, Brad

Favorite callback line: SHOT THROUGH THE HEART

Best Rocky Horror memory: My first time playing Eddie! I could hear all my friends in the audience, which was really cool

Favorite food: Republican tears (Mac and cheese works too)

My first time: I was initiated when I was twelve (and definitely not dressed like a Dalek) at a con in Ft. Lauderdale and we had to pass a double-sided dildo between all the virgins without using our hands! (Fun fact: they still use the same dildo 7 years later)

Why I joined: Rocky’s been a huge part of my life and family for the past seven years. My dad even used to help with lights for my home cast when I was in high school!

Fun fact: I’ve had five different names


Year joined: 2011?

Role(s) played: Brad, Riff-Raff, Magenta, Columbia, Dr. Scott, Tech, Lights

Favorite callback line: Stick a hot dog up your butt.

Favorite food: Tacos!

My first time: I was never de-virged.

Why I joined: Was told I was cute. Than stayed because of a cute girl.

Fun fact: I have a cat named Harry Pawter.


Year joined: 2017

Role(s) played: Eddie, Dr. Scott

Favorite callback line: “God is dead! God is dead!” *thunder clap* “Fuck you Thor!”

Best Rocky Horror memory: First time performing Eddie in front of an audience. It was a long time since performing on stage and it just felt amazing to do it again.

Favorite food: Lobster, steak, tacos. Im a classy bastard.

My first time: My dad brought me to Rocky Horror for my first time. I loved the audience interaction and participation. I knew I wanted to join, but couldn’t then. I remember though the woman playing Trixie was very…talented.

Why I joined: I went to the 2017 April fools show with a few friends. I was sayin how fun the show was and it was just the best kind of insanity. Then Geo said that it was an open cast so I decided to join the same time my friends started pushing me to volunteer.

Fun fact: I’ve been to a land down under.


Year joined: 2015

Role(s) played: Frank, Brad, Eddie, Dr. Scott

Favorite callback line: This answer is constantly changing for me… currently my favorite is: “Hey Janet, I’ve got something to say–” “SING IT, ASSHOLE, IT’S A MUSICAL!”

Best Rocky Horror memory: Playing Frank for my one year anniversary–which happened to be the Big Gay Pride show!

Favorite food: Indian food and chocolate–anything chocolate

My first time: Erm…well… about that. I have not been officially devirginized! But my first show was CAP’s Big Gay Pride show complete with penis canes and rainbows…it was SUPER fun and SUPER queer!

Why I joined: I watched the movie a lot as a kid with my mother, and joining Rocky was a homage to her after she passed. I also joined Rocky for myself, mostly to gain comfortability in my skin, but also to learn how to be sexy (;

Fun fact: I LOVE pussy…cats!!!


Year joined: 2016

Role(s) played: Columbia, Riff-Raff

Favorite callback line: “Besides darling, the owner of that phone might be a beautiful woman” “SHE’S HALF RIGHT”

Favorite food: Apple cider doughnuts

Why I joined: I saw a yellow poster asking me to join Rocky Horror. I did not know what it is, but I still thought it might be fun.


Year joined: 2019

Role(s) played: Eddie

Favorite callback line: “(There’s a light) over at the Epcot Center ”

Best Rocky Horror memory: Anytime Sylvia brings homemade treats.

Favorite food: Tacos

My first time: My dad introduced me to the movie when I was probably way too young and my mom took me to my first live show.

Why I joined: I love the movie and finally joined the cast after years of telling myself “I’ll do it someday”!

Fun fact: I’ve met 50 Cent (on purpose).