Roles: Janet, Columbia, Frank, Rocky, Magenta

Year joined: 2009

Favorite callback line: “You came here…on a PORPOISE!”

Favorite foods: Nutella with a side of Nutella, slathered in Nutella.

Why I joined the cast: I was dragged to a rehearsal one late November evening and lured by their wit and shiny costumes. It was 2 am, and everything seems like a good idea at 2 am. Eight years later, here we are!

How I lost my Rocky virginity: Veni, vidi, vici.

Best Rocky Horror memory: Performing a Halloween show at Mount Holyoke my senior year there. (I try to block out the part when my parents were dragged onstage in front of everyone I knew, and my boyfriend popped my dad’s cherry.)

Fun fact: I have a sequinning problem. Also, I speak some Yiddish.