Alter-ego: Monkeypony

Roles: Rocky, Riff-Raff, Criminologist, Janet, tech

Year joined: 2010

Favorite callback line: During the Time Warp: “Butts, nuts, ARMS!”

Favorite foods: Pizza

Why I joined the cast: On Halloween 2009, I was kid-free for the night and looking for something to do. I saw an ad for a shadow cast of Repo! The Genetic Opera. I loved the movie and had the soundtrack to sing along with in my car. The performance was amazing and they said they were looking for new cast members. I was at the next rehearsal ready to join. Then a few months later, I joined their sister cast, the Come Again Players, to help out with Rocky shows. I did tech for eight months before training for a role and moving onto the stage.

How I lost my Rocky virginity: I saw the Come Again Player’s Christmas show and ate a candy cane off a cast member’s crotch.

Best Rocky Horror memory: At Worcester Pride in 2013, my son dressed as Eddie and rode his bike in the parade with us. After the parade, we performed two songs at the rally. At the end of “Hot Patootie,” Frank left to get the pickax, and instead of coming back, we sent my son out there. He ran onstage dressed as Eddie with a big smile on his face weilding a lightsaber. He then began to mercilessly attach and beat the other Eddie, jumping for joy afterward. Dancing in the back as Riff-Raff, I was a proud father that day!

Fun fact: I have an ass that won’t quit.