Roles: Frank, Brad, Eddie, Dr. Scott, Rocky

Year joined: 2015

Favorite callback line: This answer is constantly changing for me… currently my favorite is: “Hey Janet, I’ve got something to say–” “SING IT, ASSHOLE, IT’S A MUSICAL!”

Favorite foods: Indian food and chocolate–anything chocolate

Why I joined the cast: I watched the movie a lot as a kid with my mother, and joining Rocky was an homage to her after she passed. I also joined Rocky for myself, mostly to gain comfort in my skin, but also to learn how to be sexy (;

How I lost my Rocky virginity: Erm…well… about that. I have not been officially devirginized! But my first show was CAP’s Big Gay Pride show complete with penis canes and rainbows…it was SUPER fun and SUPER queer!

Best Rocky Horror memory: Playing Frank for my one year anniversary–which happened to be the Big Gay Pride show!

Fun fact: I LOVE pussy…cats!!!