Roles: Eddie, Dr. Scott

Year joined: 2017

Favorite callback line: “God is dead! God is dead!” *thunder clap* “Fuck you, Thor!”

Favorite foods: Lobster, steak, tacos. I’m a classy bastard.

Why I joined the cast: I went to the 2017 April Fool’s show with a few friends. I was saying how fun the show was and it was just the best kind of insanity. Then Geo said that it was an open cast, so I decided to join the same time my friends started pushing me to volunteer.

How I lost my Rocky virginity: My dad brought me to Rocky Horror for my first time. I loved the audience interaction and participation. I knew I wanted to join, but couldn’t then. I remember, though, the woman playing Trixie was very…talented.

Best Rocky Horror memory: First time performing Eddie in front of an audience. It was a long time since performing on stage and it just felt amazing to do it again.

Fun fact: I’ve been to a land down under.