Roles: Eddie, Dr. Scott, Riff-Raff, tech, lights

Year joined: 2011

Favorite callback line: “Why not? You played Clue!”

Favorite foods: Meatloaf

How I lost my Rocky virginity: The first time I saw Rocky was as a middle school student on VH1. They had promoted the hell out of it, saying it was a great Halloween movie. I love Halloween, so I made sure to watch it.  I think I made it through Time Warp before I got bored and confused and changed the channel.

Best Rocky Horror memory: Sitting in the lower opera box at the Academy of Music for the first Halloween show I had been a part of, while dressed as Rotti Largo while a veteran cast member did call lines for me all night. I felt like a movie star!

Fun fact: I taught myself how to juggle while working a games booth at Whalom Park in the summer of 1999. I was really bored that summer.