Roles: Tech/lights

Year joined: 2016

Favorite callback line:¬†“Where’s Magenta going?” “There’s a lesbian conference across the street.” “NO, that’s Mount Holyoke!”

Favorite foods: Wendy’s and KFC

How I lost my Rocky virginity:¬†Technically, still a virgin. Never gone “all the way.”

Best Rocky Horror memory:¬†Going to see a movie we didn’t know anything about, simply because it had the word “horror” in the title. Walking into a theater where 50 other patrons were all staring and snickering at us in our street clothes while we were staring and snickering back at them in their “outrageous” costumes. Being hooked for life when 50 umbrellas popped open around us WHILE WE WERE GETTING DRENCHED! Finally catching on that it wasn’t going to be a “blood and guts horror movie” when Frank-N-Furter revealed himself to be a transvestite.

Fun fact: I once flew to St. Louis to single-handedly square off against 7 IBM Computer Analysts because OUR computer wasn’t interacting with their computer properly. I flew home 30 minutes later after pointing out that the solution to THEIR problem was in THEIR own manual.